3 Things - Tuesday, October 12

Maggie Vaughan | October 12, 2021 | Accessibility

3 Things, 3 Jobs WatchOS Accessibility Engineer - Apple, Inc. - Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), CaliforniaApple's Accessibility team is looking for a motivated Software Engineer to help develop and enhance features that make watchOS more...

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Maggie Vaughan | October 11, 2021 | Accessibility

Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)! This year's theme is "America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion." As our nation begins the process of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important...

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3 Things - Tuesday, October 05

Maggie Vaughan | October 5, 2021 | Accessibility

3 Things, 3 Disability Activisits Marilyn Golden"Radicalized" after an accident left her disabled, she became a "linchpin" in the fight for the Americans With Disabilities Act as a leading policy analyst. Robert Marx"We had a common experience...

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Prioritizing Review of Image Alt Text

Penny Kronz | September 30, 2021 | Accessibility, Quality Assurance

Ensuring that your organization utilizes appropriate alt text for images within your website is pretty much considered Accessibility 101. For those readers who are not familiar, alt text or alternative text is the text version of an image read to...

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3 Things - Tuesday, September 28

Maggie Vaughan | September 28, 2021 | 3 Things, Accessibility

Colorblind Accessibility ManifestoBefore designing a website, or even making a small change to an existing one, ask if your design choices consider the needs of people with color blindness. Changing the button color on your website may seem...

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Hold Your Horses! Is that Carousel Accessible?

Maggie Vaughan | September 23, 2021 | Accessibility

Carousels. Some people love ‘em, and some people hate ‘em! Yet they are one of the most popular ways of displaying content. One reason for that is carousels are a quick way to appease multiple stakeholders who want their...

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3 Things - Tuesday, September 21

Maggie Vaughan | September 21, 2021 | 3 Things, Accessibility

A case for accessibility statements in app storesIn Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, apps can have certain bits of meta data. Categories, localisations, price, privacy policy URL… but where is the meta...

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Interview with a Screen Reader User

Maggie Vaughan | September 17, 2021 | Accessibility

Back in 2018, I met quite an amazing young man. His name is Tyler. He was attending the university where I work and was in the last semester of his last year. I had actually sought him out. I desperately needed an expert in the use of screen...

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3 Things - Tuesday, September 14

Maggie Vaughan | September 14, 2021 | 3 Things, Accessibility

3 Things - 3 TED Talks Edition Simple Hack for a Life with Parkinson's Mileha Soneji is a trained strategic product designer, originally hailing from the city of Pune in India. The Cost of Failing to Design AccessiblyKings Floyd is a...

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Actually, Don't Click Here!

Maggie Vaughan | August 27, 2021 | Accessibility, SEO, Quality Assurance

Why are web content writers, designers and managers still using "Click Here" (or "Read More," "Learn More," etc.) as link text when it has been shown repeatedly it's just not best practice? Maybe it’s time for a refresher course on...

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Summer Paralympic Games

Maggie Vaughan | August 12, 2021 | Accessibility

The Summer Paralympics, sometimes referred to as the Games of the Paralympian, are held in the same host city as the Olympics, with two weeks between the close of the Olympics and the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. The first official...

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From InDesign to Accessible PDF

Maggie Vaughan | July 29, 2021 | Accessibility

Creating an accessible PDF from InDesign is a relatively simple process, but depending on the file size, it can be time-consuming. To keep me on track, I keep a list of accessibility "must do's" when preparing an InDesign document for export to...

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July is Disability Pride Month

Maggie Vaughan | July 16, 2021 | Accessibility

Some History on Disability Pride Month Did you know July is Disability Pride Month?  I admit it wasn’t until last week when I read an article in Diversability Magazine that I learned about it. In July of 1990, when the...

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There's No Alternative to Good ALT Text

Maggie Vaughan | July 7, 2021 | Accessibility

What is ALT text? ALT text (ALT being short for alternative) is referred to in several different ways: ALT text, ALT tag, ALT attribute, ALT description and simply, alternative text. ALT text serves several purposes: It is read by screen...

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A11Y & Analytics

Maggie Vaughan | June 25, 2021 | Accessibility, Quality Assurance

Using automated scanning software, such as DubBot, and manual testing are two excellent ways to identify potential accessibility issues in your digital assets. There is one more tool you can add to the mix and that is analytics. Finding an...

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State Your Case

Maggie Vaughan | June 4, 2021 | Web Governance, Accessibility

Creating a business case for web accessibility can be difficult, especially when, as accessibility professionals, we just "get it!" We know why accessibility is important and that it should be baked into all of our information and communication...

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Happy GAAD!

Maggie Vaughan | May 20, 2021 | Accessibility

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!! Participate! Spread Awareness!  Talk about it! Think about it! Learn about it! Create digital access, opportunity and inclusion for everyone. GAAD website  | ...

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Hot Off the Press! - Email Newsetters

Maggie Vaughan | May 19, 2021 | Accessibility

Recently, I was asked to review an email newsletter and report any accessibility issues that I found. Wow, was I surprised! I don't expect most people to know that they need to build digital communications with accessibility in mind. But I did...

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Save the Date! - Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Maggie Vaughan | May 5, 2021 | Accessibility

Each year on the third Thursday of May, we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). But how did GAAD begin? Who started it? What’s GAAD really all about?  GAAD "started" on Sunday, November 27, 2011, when Joe...

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Give it to Me Straight! - The Power of Plain Language

Maggie Vaughan | April 30, 2021 | Accessibility

What is plain language? "A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information." ~ Center for...

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Accessibility and the Procurement Process

Maggie Vaughan | April 16, 2021 | Accessibility, Quality Assurance

What are the components of a robust procurement process for technology that ensures accessibility needs are identified and addressed in the planning, requirements gathering, research and evaluation phases as well as the determination of...

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Maggie Vaughan | April 2, 2021 | Accessibility

VPAT: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template A VPAT is a document used to describe the level of conformance of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) product against the standards outlined in WCAG, Section 508 and EN 301 549. An ICT...

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Vaccine Registration Websites: Inaccessible to the Blind

Maggie Vaughan | March 10, 2021 | Accessibility

"A national emergency does not exempt federal, state, and local governments from providing equal access," wrote Mark Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind, in a letter to the U.S. Health and Human Services...

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Accessibility Up in The House

Maggie Vaughan | March 3, 2021 | Accessibility

Look at the two images below. Both are the footer section of the White House website. The first one is dated Jan. 15, 2021. The second one, Jan. 25, 2021. Putting the obvious difference in the look and feel aside, what do you notice? Think A11Y....

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Tag! You're It!

Maggie Vaughan | February 18, 2021 | Accessibility

What, exactly, are tags? In a PDF, tags provide the logical structure that controls how the content is presented or “read” by assistive technology. Tags identify the content type, such as Sect, P, Table, Span, to name just a...

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The Problem with Overlays

Maggie Vaughan | February 1, 2021 | Web Governance, Quality Assurance, Accessibility

What Is an Overlay? According to, an overlay is: noun something laid over something else; covering. a layer or decoration of something applied: an overlay of gold. Accessibility overlays are very similar ... they are laid...

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Make A Statement!

Maggie Vaughan | January 25, 2021 | Accessibility

An accessibility statement is a public communication that reflects your organization’s policies, standards, methods, and goals related to the accessibility of your web content, web and mobile applications, and information communication...

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Personas and Designing for Accessibility

Maggie Vaughan | January 11, 2021 | Web Governance, Quality Assurance, Accessibility

'Persona' Defined A persona is defined as "a single representation of a cluster of target users who represent similar behaviors, goals and motivations." ~ © Nielsen Norman Group More simply put, personas are models, usually...

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Manual Testing - It's in Your Hands

Maggie Vaughan | January 4, 2021 | Accessibility, Quality Assurance

Today’s websites and web apps can be very complex. Many consists of 1000s of code lines, multiple user interactions, custom color palettes, and video and audio content. Automated quality assurance tools, such as DubBot, are critical in...

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Color Me Accessible - Seeing Red

Maggie Vaughan | December 13, 2020 | Accessibility

Color blindness encompasses a large number of causes and conditions, and it's complicated and complex. Wait! Come back! I promise I won’t be talking about cones and rods...whew! When we talk about color blindness, we refer to the most...

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Helping Disabilities and Work, Work Together

Maggie Vaughan | October 28, 2020 | Accessibility

One might wonder what digital accessibility has to do with the 75th observance of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month. According to Jennifer Sheehy, Deputy Asst. Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy...

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The Dreaded 404: Don't Leave Them Wanting More

Maggie Vaughan | October 27, 2020 | Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO

What’s the difference between 404 and 301? Simply put, an HTTP 404 status code indicates that your browser cannot find the page requested, “File Not Found.” When a user requests a nonexistent webpage, you should...

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Color Me Accessible: Contrast

Maggie Vaughan | September 16, 2020 | Accessibility

While improving color and color contrast to be accessible can prove technically to be some of the simpler changes to make within a website, there is often pushback on getting these changes in place. It is no wonder too! Color and color contrast...

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020

Penny Kronz | May 21, 2020 | Accessibility

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a great time to reflect on the efforts of inclusion that we make with the work we put forward. It seems that the world changed in the last few months to focus less on experiences in a physical space and moving...

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DubBot provides continuous monitoring and quality checks

Penny Kronz | May 4, 2020 | Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Web Governance, SEO

While priorities, resources, and timelines have shifted significantly over the past month, there is still a need to continue to iterate and improve website accessibility, user experience, and overall content availability. More now than ever,...

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Web Accessibility Article Highlight

Penny Kronz | December 18, 2019 | Accessibility

...and OMG, 2020 is almost here! With the holidays fast approaching, I thought this article by Forrester Research geared towards people who manage retail websites was a great, short read with some useful tips for all website managers. Retailers:...

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What is your alt text policy?

Penny Kronz | August 14, 2019 | Web Governance, Accessibility

Alternative text is the textual alternative for media for people who have visual issues and utilize technology such as screen readers when browsing a website. Simply put: the alternative text is what supplements the media for someone who can not...

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day Takeaways

Penny Kronz | June 27, 2019 | Accessibility

In May, we observed Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a Lunch-and-Learn. We discussed different accessibility challenges and our takeaways from participating in one of the suggested ideas for raising awareness from the GAAD website. I am...

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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Penny Kronz | May 16, 2019 | Accessibility

DubBot is committed to making a more usable internet for everyone, so we are excited to be participating in Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Everyone at DubBot will be trying out at least one of the suggestions from the GAAD website. In...

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May the Fourth be with you!

Luke Batchelor | May 5, 2019 | Accessibility, Web Governance

Working with DubBot, I know the amount of work our users put into convincing others to care about the quality and the accessibility of their websites. I know that you may sometimes feel like you are in a battle with an Empire of dark forces. It...

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Writing accessible link text

Penny Kronz | March 25, 2019 | Accessibility

Read More, Click Here, Learn More! As a developer, I have seen these phrases and other “Calls to Action” thousands of times in web designs and content that I have been asked to post. I struggle with this myself sometimes. I...

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Accessibility in the world around us

Penny Kronz | March 18, 2019 | Accessibility

Walking around as an individual three years ago, I was unaware of the challenges that others may be having moving in the same space that I was. Now three years later, having gone through pregnancy, having a baby in a stroller, and then having that...

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Reviewing implications of "The rural broadband divide"

Penny Kronz | March 14, 2019 | Accessibility

In a blog post earlier this year, I highlighted some accessibility woes that Dominoes and Beyoncé were currently experiencing. Today, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a study released by Microsoft that shows more Americans...

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DubBot Accessibility Training for Beginners

Penny Kronz | January 28, 2019 | Product Updates, Accessibility

As January closes and February approaches, we're excited to see that DubBot is ready for the winter weather. Being based out of Atlanta, yes, we are just now having to really be winter-ready! To keep DubBot users prepared, we are also excited to...

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What do Beyoncé & Domino's have in common?

Penny Kronz | January 17, 2019 | Accessibility

Aside from both having great delivery? They both now have accessibility woes! While many organizations have already prioritized tackling accessibility issues they find on their website as outlined by WCAG, 2019 presents a couple of high name...

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CAS Integration & Accessibility Training Series

Penny Kronz | December 7, 2018 | Accessibility, Product Updates

Happy holidays from DubBot! We are excited to introduce you to our reindeer bot. He will serve as a guide to light the way through checking your website during the darkest of days. One could say he has a nose for finding accessibility issues. The...

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