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Accessibility is our Priority

DubBot is committed to ensuring that the software we provide to our users is designed and developed with accessibility as a guiding factor for design and development decisions. During all phases of development, from planning to implementation to release, accessibility is the primary consideration.

The DubBot team utilizes the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards as guidelines for ensuring that the software does not create a barrier for any user tasked with utilizing DubBot as a part of their job.

We encourage any user who finds an issue within the DubBot software to report the issue so that we may prioritize a fix and ensure the best user experience for all DubBot users. We accept issue reports via the in-app chat option, email, or phone at 404-496-8555.

Any accessibility barrier that is reported is prioritized for fix above any other feature in the development cycle. Intermediary releases are pushed to users as soon as a fix is ready.

Basic rules that DubBot follows with development and output of content, include the following:

  • DubBot has to be navigable and usable utilizing only a keyboard and screen reader technology.
  • DubBot will never rely on hover functionality for triggering an event within the DubBot application. This guarantees that content on the screen will not change for users without the user being explicitly aware of an action occurring.
  • No timed media or content is to be utilized within the DubBot application. This allows users to have any amount of time they deem necessary for exploring the interface options.
  • DubBot provides corresponding explanatory alternative text for any icons utilized within the system.
  • Any videos produced by DubBot available within the Help center are to have a corresponding script available for gaining the same information as the training video.