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Spelling & Readability Checks

Dashboard provides spelling score and number of misspellings found. Can also add custom flags for words like, COVID, and see where they are used on a site..

Ensure accuracy and professionalism site-wide

Your brand shines when there are no mistakes to distract visitors from your message. Plus, mistakes are embarrassing.

Multilingual Dictionary Support

Test your website using multiple languages with customizable, brand-specific dictionaries. DubBot has you covered from English to Norwegian.

One Universal Spell-Checker

Your sites may be powered by several different CMS's, each with its own dictionary. Ensure consistency throughout all your sites and pages with DubBot's universal spell-checker.

Readability Scoring

Improve website visitor engagement by providing concise and accessible web content. DubBot provides scores for your web content that can reveal when content might be too dense and verbose.

Custom Hotwords Lists

Add custom hotwords to DubBot’s default list to ensure your content editors aren't using competitors' names or offensive phrases and words.

Explore Other Features

Broken Link Checks

Stop sending your visitors into black holes. Easily detect broken links throughout your website content so you can correct them swiftly.

SEO Checks

Quickly check that your content is getting the most bang for its buck. DubBot tests that your webpages follow SEO best practices. Utilizing DubBot, you can easily see SEO quick wins and start working toward improving your content’s potential search ranking.

Task Management

Collaborate with your team when an issue is found. Easily get feedback from others by sharing issue information with automatic user-friendly highlighting of the problem in your webpage.