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Spelling & Readability Checks

Ensure accuracy and professionalism site-wide

Your brand shines when there are no mistakes to distract visitors from your message. Plus, mistakes are embarrassing.

Multilingual Dictionary Support

Test your website using multiple languages with customizable, brand-specific dictionaries. DubBot has you covered from English to Norwegian.

One Universal Spellchecker

Your sites may be powered by several different CMS's, each with its own dictionary. Ensure consistency throughout all your sites and pages with DubBot's universal spell-checker.

Readability Scoring

Improve website visitor engagement by providing concise and accessible web content. DubBot provides scores for your web content that can reveal when content might be too dense and verbose.

Custom Hotwords Lists

Add custom hotwords to DubBot’s default list to ensure your content editors aren't using competitors' names or offensive phrases and words.

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What does readability have to do with accessibility?

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC |

You may not realize this, but about 10% of the people visiting your website could have dyslexia. Still, others may struggle with cognitive or learning disabilities that make reading words and sentences difficult. Turns... Read More

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