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Fix Broken Links

Stop sending your visitors into black holes

Easily detect broken links throughout your website content so you can correct them swiftly. Internal and external links break all the time. DubBot finds them before your visitors do so you can fix them promptly.

Avoid taking an SEO hit

Broken links signal to search engines that your site is not current and your rankings may suffer.

Ensure a good user experience

Make sure your visitors can find the information they're looking for by finding and fixing broken links as quickly as they happen.

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The Importance of the 404 Status for your 404 Page

Blaine Herman |

In a recent case, we assisted a client in realizing that despite encountering a "404 Not Found" error for a page on their site, their web server was incorrectly indicating a "200 OK status." This 200 OK status suggested... Read More

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