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Web Accessibility Checks

Make your site accessible for all users.

Make sure your site is compatible with the most common assistive devices in use.

ADA Compliant

Check for WCAG 2.1's three tiers of accessibility and help ensure legal compliance.

Simple to prioritize

Review levels of severity for any issues and prioritize corrections appropriately.

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Prioritizing Accessibility Issues

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC |

There are many ways to prioritize the issues found during your last accessibility audit…matrices, formulas, comparisons...all kinds of methods. Your organization may already have a process in place. If not, this... Read More

Average G2 rating

Ranked by G2 - Easiest to Use - Winter 2023 Ranked by G2 - Easiest Setup - Winter 2023 Ranked by G2 - Best Support - Winter 2023 Ranked by G2 - Best Est. ROI - Winter 2023