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G2 Badges: What's It All About?

G2 badge in the shape of a sheild. The G2 logo at the top which is orange with G2 in bold white lettering. Beneath that are the words Best Support in black letters. Beneath that is a green bar with the word Spring in black letters and beneath that in black is the year 2023.

What are those badges on the DubBot website?

If you have spent any time at all on the DubBot website, you’ve noticed some "badges" with titles like "Best Support," "Easiest Set-up," etc. Each badge is labeled with a season, a year, a bright orange capital G, and a subscript 2.

Those are G2 badges!

G2 badges showcase a company's strengths and highlight its performance in specific categories. For example, DubBot has been awarded "Easiest to Use," "Easiest Setup," "Best Support," and "Best Est. ROI” two years in a row.

screenshot of G2 badges awarded to DubBot in Winter 2023 with Average G2 rating 4.9 with 5 red stars and badges for Easiest to Use, Easiest to Set-up, Best Support and Best Est. ROI.

Wow, that’s great! But what is G2?

G2 is a software and services review site. Customers write and share reviews of software and services they currently use. Those reviews help businesses "make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews."

How does G2 determine who gets awarded badges?

G2 collects reviews from their website community, social networks, and other online resources and then applies their unique algorithm to calculate the real-time customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

Why are the badges important?

G2 badges are valuable for businesses because they serve as a third-party endorsement and can help build trust with potential customers. They also provide a way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and highlight their strengths in specific areas.

For more information about G2 and G2 badges, please visit their website.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner