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DubBot Unleashed!

Web Governance software that works as hard as you do.


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We'll show you vulnerabilities on your website such as misspellings, broken links, accessibility issues, and much more. DubBot's automated solution can simplify the management of your website. Let us prove it.


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Web Accessibility Checks

Ensure accessibility for all your web visitors to provide the best user experience possible. DubBot tests your sites for all levels of web accessibility as defined by WCAG 2.1.

Broken Link Checks

Stop sending your visitors into black holes. Easily detect broken links throughout your website content so you can correct them swiftly.

Web Governance Checks

Enforce legal, style, branding, and regulatory requirements with customizable Web Governance Checks. Easily create custom content checks that are specific to your organization’s policies.

Spelling & Readability Checks

Put your best foot forward. Stay on-brand by avoiding embarrassing misspellings. Receive scores for your web content that can help to identify if it is too dense and verbose.

SEO Checks

Quickly check that your content is getting the most bang for its buck. DubBot tests that your webpages follow SEO best practices. Utilizing DubBot, you can easily see SEO quick wins and start working toward improving your content’s potential search ranking.

Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know if your website is not working. Uptime Monitoring will send you an alert of any status change to your website.

What People Are Saying

August 29, 2022

"The Best Web Governance software I've used. Great tool, and amazing customer service!"

For starters, their support is amazing. Not only do I get answers within minutes ( or even seconds ), but it is very clear I am talking with a professional in the accessibility space. The tool itself works seamlessly and is very easy to use. I largely use DubBot for the Accessibility checks, but the fact that it comes with Spell checking, checks for broken links, and many other features, is just amazing.

Aaron A.


July 25, 2022

"DubBot is all that we'd hoped for, and a whole lot more."

Making our website more accessible to all is not only conforming to ADA guidelines but increasing our audience and improving the user experience for all. Also, their customer service is BEYOND extraordinary. There have been occasions when I have needed additional help in solving issues, and I have gotten lightning-quick responses.

David S


August 01, 2022

"Sweet spot of usability, features, support, and price"

Don’t sleep on DubBot! We use it on our company internet site, a handful of project sites, and even our intranet (which DubBot can authenticate into) to keep everything in top shape. Very intuitive user experience making it easy to quickly review and address any issues. No feature bloat – only just what you need at a very competitive cost. If you ever run into any issues, the support team is easily accessible via email and chat and super responsive.

Keith P


August 30, 2022

"Easy to use - packed with power"

The interface is so intuitive. When you're reviewing the accessibility reports and problem items, they highlight the exact issue on the live page, tell you why it's wrong and exactly how to fix it. It has both non-technical explanations as well as technical code for developers. We love the ability to assign tasks to other team members directly from the issue inside Dubbot.

Matt B


March 15, 2022

"Simple, Fast and Powerful - DubBot helps your website match your brands promise and expectations"

It's easy to build a complex tool or platform. It's incredibly hard to build one that is as simple and easy to use and get stuff done. DubBot has built an easy-to-use solution to an important problem for every size and type of organization. In a previous job, I was responsible for a major Canadian university website and I would have LOVED a solution like this. Today, it's perfect for my growing cybersecurity start-up.

David S