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What it Means to be a DubBot Customer

  • February 10, 2023

Before I came to work with DubBot, I was the Digital Accessibility Program Manager for Christopher Newport University (CNU). In 2019, CNU became a customer of DubBot. 

From that first email to when we signed the contract, I remember being impressed that there were no high-pressure sales tactics, constant emails, or phone calls. Instead, the team at DubBot was highly responsive to my questions and follow-up questions.

When it came time to get on board, they worked closely with our office manager to ensure all Virginia Commonwealth procurement regulations and IT requirements were met while providing us with the best option for our needs at the best price.

Once onboard, the amazing support continued. Whenever I had a question or an issue, I would ping the support bot in the bottom right corner of the DubBot webpage. I was always greeted immediately by a support team member, and my question was answered, or my issue was resolved within a matter of minutes…an hour tops.

In 2021, I hired a CNU graduate that is visually impaired to help me with manual testing, specifically screen readers and keyboard navigation. As he began to navigate the DubBot interface, he shared with me some suggestions to improve his experience. I immediately reached out to DubBot, and they, in turn, invited him to not only share his suggestions but to participate in the testing of the proposed solutions.

DubBot is famous for listening to its customers’ suggestions for the app. If a suggestion fits with the technical roadmap and is a solution that will benefit the majority, DubBot customers will likely see their suggestion come to fruition. 

Here are a few examples of customer suggestions that are now part of the DubBot app.

Score indicators from one craw to the next are included in the summary emails.

Screenshot of a summary email with colors and arrows indicating the score changes (up or down) for Accessibility, Spelling and Broken Links.


SEO data appears in the dashboard.

SEO widget in the DubBot dashboard giving the user the SEO score, number of pages with issue and total number of issues.


And the issues list shows the accessibility checks that show 0 issues.

List of issues with Description, Success Criteria and number of Affected Pages including "0" if no pages contain that particular issue.

I came to work with DubBot full-time in January 2023. Recently, I sat in on a customer call. And there it was...that same customer-centric level of service. This customer hadn’t officially signed with DubBot, yet the DubBot support team had set up a sandbox instance to allow the customer to become familiar with the app. They also created the live account and had already set up several sites according to the customer’s configuration needs and present and future website goals. Several times during the call, the client was reassured that any questions they had would be promptly answered via the Help Center, DubBot email, or Live Chat. 

The one thing that stuck in my mind during that customer call was that DubBot provided this level of customer service and support for an organization that wasn’t an "official customer" yet. How many companies show that level of trust toward their clients? Everyone on the call listened to the customer’s questions, suggestions, and specific site setup needs and responded thoughtfully and accordingly.

I also observed how much the customer was put at ease. This particular organization is transitioning from Siteimprove to DubBot. Sometimes there is an assumption that migrating from one automated accessibility compliance solution to another is akin to migrating from one CMS to another. With DubBot, that is never the case. The customer was provided instructions on what data to download from Siteimprove and that the DubBot support team would upload the data and customize the related site. How awesome is that?

By the way, DubBot has been awarded "Best Support" three years in a row from G2, a software marketplace that provides the "authentic voice of millions of software buyers."

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Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner