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3 Things - Tuesday, October 31

Three times when accessibility was done wrong.

  1. 2.4.11: Adversarial Conformance 
    HAL, the UI designer, can claim that it followed WCAG even though it’s clear that HAL expended effort on minimally conforming while negative outcomes are seemingly obvious.

  2. Disability Dongle
    I created the term "Disability Dongle" in 2019 to draw attention to the phenomenon of design and engineering students and practitioners who prototype "innovative" disability solutions. The definition satirizes an outcome in which designs or technologies "for" disabled people garner mainstream attention and accolades despite valid concerns disabled people have about them.

  3. How an Inclusive Event Got Accessibility Wrong
    When you have an event that is so tailored to someone's experience, you compel people to open their wallets and attend the event. This is user-centric design. The irony of that experience is no one offers accessibility with that same rigor.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner