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3 Things - Tuesday, May 23

Coinciding with the release of Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie (Youtube) this week's 3Things is three things about Parkinson's disease.
  • Causes of Parkinson's Disease
    For most people, the cause of Parkinson's is unknown ("idiopathic"). Researchers believe that Parkinson's is caused by a combination of factors. If a continuum existed, with genetic causes at one end and environmental causes at the other, people with Parkinson's would fall at many different places.

  • Breaking News: Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Found
    In an enormous leap forward in the understanding of Parkinson’s disease (PD), researchers have discovered a new tool that can reveal a key pathology of the disease: abnormal alpha-synuclein — known as the “Parkinson’s protein” — in brain and body cells.

  • Deep Brain Stimulation
    While invasive, this surgical therapy can lessen symptoms, limit the need for medications and decrease side effects, such as dyskinesia, that can accompany drug therapy. Guide on Deep Brain Stimulation and Parkinson’s (PDF)
If you or someone you know needs resources and more information about Parkinson's Disease, please visit the Michael J. Fox Foundation website.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner