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3 Things - Tuesday, June 20

  1. Understanding SC 2.5.5: Target Size (Level AAA) 
    The intent of this success criteria is to ensure that target sizes are large enough for users to easily activate them, even if the user is accessing content on a small handheld touch screen device, has limited dexterity, or has trouble activating small targets for other reasons.

  2. Foundations: target sizes
    A target size is the area that can be activated in order to interact with an element. For people who have dexterity issues, the smaller a target size is, the more difficult it may be to use the website. This post explores how to create usable, consistent, and well-spaced target sizes.

  3. Accessible Target Sizes Cheatsheet
    Practical guidelines to prevent rage taps and rage clicks with accessible tap targets for icons, links and buttons — on desktop and on mobile. With useful techniques and guidelines.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner