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3 Things - Tuesday, July 25

In celebration of the Accessibility Summit, today's 3Things is about the Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb.) 

  1. Events
    HighEdWeb hosts three must attend conferences every year. The Analytics Summit, the Accessibility Summit, and the capstone event of the year, the Annual Conference.

  2. Community Groups
    "HighEdWeb community groups are opportunities to discuss and learn specific topics. Led by members, these groups interact throughout the year through Slack and video meetings — and in person at the annual conference."

  3. Slack Workspace
    "HighEdWeb offers a Slack workspace for institutional, professional, affiliate and student members." Some of the channels you will find are #accessibility, #communications-marketing, #jobs, #analytics, to name a few.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner