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3 Things - Tuesday, July 11

For this week's 3Things, we identified three job opportunities within higher education that specifically focus on accessibility.

  1. Director of Digital Accessibility - Tarrant County College 
    Reporting to the District Director of Web Communications, the Director of Digital Accessibility will be responsible for ensure digital accessibility compliance across online district platforms, and help district set digital accessibility goals and standards.

  2. Associate Director Disability Resources - University of Mary Washington
    The Associate Director is responsible for serving as the primary point of contact for new and incoming students seeking accommodation. The Associate Director will review new requests and documentation and assign those students to their respective primary specialist in the office based on the nature of their request and facts of their case. The Associate Director works collaboratively with the Director of ODR to provide oversight, continual feedback, counsel, and shared representation on campus-wide committees, events, and activities.

  3. Director of Accessibility - University of North Carolina at Asheville
    This position is responsible for overseeing all functions, policies and processes related to the Office of Accessibility (Office). The Office provides programs and services designed to support, provide access, and ensure students, employees, and guests with disabilities receive equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of University programs and activities.

Bonus Job Post
Accessibility Specialist - University of Mississippi
This is a professional position in which the incumbent is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with developing digital content in compliance with University policies pertaining to accessibility.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner