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3 Things - Tuesday, Jan. 31

  1. Neurodiversity Design System
    The NDS is a coherent set of standards and principles that combine neurodiversity and user experience design for Learning Management Systems. Design accessible learning interfaces supporting success and achievement for everyone.

  2. New WCAG 2.2 features rated
    It’s January 2023 and there is a new WCAG 2.2 Candidate Recommendation Draft (which apparently is a different type of document from the September Candidate Recommendation Snapshot). Here is a diff between these two versions for your convenience.

  3. Creating A High-Contrast Design System With CSS Custom Properties
    Managing our colors can truly help people to access our content. In this article, Brecht de Ruyte takes a deep dive into how we can create a high-contrast system while maintaining a balance between designing something accessible and respecting the look and feel of a brand.


Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner