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3 Things - Tuesday, Jan. 3

  1. Blind and disabled veterans can’t access VA websites, report says
    Now, a new report from the Senate Special Committee on Aging is taking VA to task for neglecting accessibility issues on its websites. Despite the fact that 27 percent of all veterans have a service-connected disability — and more than 1 million veterans are blind or have low vision — only 8 percent of VA’s public-facing websites and 6 percent of its internal sites are fully compliant with federal accessibility law, according to the report released Wednesday.

  2. Expecting mother with visual impairment able to 'see' baby with 3D printed ultrasound
    But words could only go so far and helping Johnson visualize her baby would take something more. Her OBGYN, Dr. Katie Sekpe, found a solution.

  3. Should non-disabled actors play disabled characters?
    In late 2017, a film called The Upside was released in theaters, in which Bryan Cranston plays a wealthy quadriplegic man and Kevin Hart’s character is his hired carer. However, there’s one major problem with this movie: Bryan Cranston isn’t a disabled actor. This is nothing new in Hollywood.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner