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3 Things - Tuesday, Feb. 7

  1. Learning the 'Unspoken Rules' - a boot camp gets autistic students ready for the workforce
    Welcome to RIT’s Career Ready Bootcamp, a two- to three-week program that is part of a nascent effort to tackle stubbornly high unemployment rates among autistic college graduates.

  2. Adaptive clothing with graphic prints designed to ease Parkinson's disease
    The striped patterns on Monika Dugar's Reset clothing collection are not just for aesthetic impact — they're meant to aid mobility in people with Parkinson's disease by "resetting" the brain.

  3. Android Accessibility 13.1 brings some welcome improvements to TalkBack
    New in this version is the ability to use your HID Braille display over USB. Support for Bluetooth will come when Android has Bluetooth drivers for them. That alone is worth an update. But there’s more!


Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner