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3 Things - Tuesday, Feb. 14

  1. Princeton to host the Inclusive Futures: Disability and Technology Symposium 
    This symposium, convened by Victor Zhuang, Fung Global Fellow 2022-23, brings together scholars and practitioners to consider the future of technology and disability.

  2. John Fetterman Is Using This Assistive Technology in the Senate to Help With His Stroke Recovery
    The new assistive technology installed in his workspaces requires some adjustment from colleagues in an institution known for its stagnancy. But in securing the devices that are helping him begin a new job during a very public recovery process, advocates say Fetterman is forging a path for people with disabilities and health challenges to make it in public office.

  3. Google Doodle celebrates model & disability rights advocate Mama Cax.
    Illustrated by Brooklyn-based guest artist Lyne Lucien, Mama Cax is best known for shattering expectations around beauty. The model and advocate proudly strutted down catwalks on her prosthetic leg, often designed with colors and patterns.


Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner