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3 Things - Tuesday, August 8

Three accessibility jobs.

  1. Systems Accessibility Analyst 2 - The Ohio State University, Romote 
    Under the direction of the Associate Director of Web Services, and with a keen and balanced sensitivity to meeting human needs and mitigating risk to the university, the Accessibility Analyst conducts comprehensive accessibility evaluations for web site and software applications under consideration for purchase and deployment, ensuring compliance with the university’s Digital Accessibility Policy  

  2. Digital Accessibility Manager - Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), London
    Work with Governance Managers and other Digital Accessibility Managers to support projects in meeting the HSBC Accessibility Standards and requirements of the Digital Accessibility program. Be responsible for providing accessibility support for digital projects including advising on vendor engagement process, reviewing outputs such as audit report and supporting teams in implementing findings and recommendations

  3. Sr. Accessibility Specialist - TIAA, available in New York, NY, Lewsville, Texas and Charlotte, NC
    The Sr. Accessibility Specialist role is a fierce advocate for our customers with disabilities. The role reviews and audits a variety of applications to ensure its content represents an inclusive audience and aligns with company policies and standards. The role monitors existing applications and govern any remediation needed to maintain compliance. As a subject matter expert in accessibility and inclusion, the role works with a shift-left methodology, reviewing early and often to make digital content for retirement products available to all.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner