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3 Things - Tuesday, August 15

Three A11Y tips for a better web experience.

  1. Designing Accessible Text Over Images: Best Practices, Techniques, And Resources (Part 1) 
    The text over images design pattern is a design technique used to place text on top of images. However, this technique can quickly sacrifice legibility and readability if there is not enough contrast between the text and the image.

  2. Alt Text Should Describe the Purpose of the Image, Not Necessarily the Image Itself
    Rather than describe every visual detail of an image, the most important thing is to describe the purpose of the image in the context of the web page.

  3. Focus - Best Practices
    Focus styles are critical in helping keyboard users navigate a website. Proper focus styles allow keyboard users to know where they are on a page as they tab through the content.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner