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3 Things - Tuesday, April 25

  1. 11th M-Enabling Summit ($$, conference) 
    "The leading all-inclusive conference and showcase dedicated to promoting innovations, solutions and strategies for digital inclusion. The M-Enabling Summit offers a unique gathering of leading executives and accessibility professionals from Government, Industry, Education, and Advocacy Organizations from around the world to network and participate in plenary and specialized breakout sessions, as well as other special featured events."

  2. Guide to Digital Accessibility: Policies, Practices, and Professional Development ($, book, highered)
    "The collective depth and tenure of experience of the authors in advancing accessibility practice is truly exceptional. In practical terms, the organization of the book makes clear the work to be done and the imperative for doing it. It is about understanding the context for accessibility and making change happen in policy, practice, and professional development."

  3. Using a risk management lens to manage accessibility at scale ($, webinar, IAAP)
    "This webinar will look at how business planning and risk management practices can be used to guide decisions on where and how to focus accessibility activities. It will introduce the 4 R model – Risk, Rank, Replicate, Roadmap - to plan for and help measure accessibility improvements while drawing on examples and best practices from public sector, universities, and the financial industry."

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner