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Web Governance - New Reporting Feature

Some of you may have noticed a new report available to you in DubBot. That’s right, the Web Governance Report. We are really excited about this one!

The Web Governance report will combine Custom Checks (soon to be called "Policies") and Flagged Words. This report will provide focused calls to action on your customized checks for legal, style, branding, and regulatory policy guidelines specific to your organization.

In addition to combining Custom Checks and Flagged Words, this new report will also:

  • Return page count per issue.
  • Add a filter for web governance categories, so users can see specific types of governance issues.
  • Add a filter to view all checks, or only checks that have affected pages.
  • The ability to sort by page count.
  • New web governance issues screen (similar to accessibility issues).
  • New web governance dashboard widget, replacing flagged words.
  • Adding web governance to page screen and pages filtering, replacing flagged words and policies.
  • Adding web governance to reports, replacing flagged words and policies.

Here are a few visuals to help you recognize this new report in the User Interface:

What you'll see on your dashboard. This will take the place of "Flagged Words."

Screen capture of the widget block with the words of Web Governance Score..


What you will see at the page level.

Screen capture of the page level settings in DubBot. Web Governance is broken into Policies and Flagged Words. You can choose from each category to create your custom Web Governance check.


 Finally, Administrators will see the following in Site Settings.

Screen capture of the Site Settings screen in DubBot. Web Governance is now listed under Enabled Checks.


Our engineers are currently shaking out the details and preparing this great new feature for it's official roll out on Friday, January 14.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner