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Supporting Web Pros in Higher Ed

HighEdWeb logo with a sphere laying on it side made up of dark, medium and light blue rectangles. Beneath that is HighEdWeb in black and beneath that Association in blue.

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association or HighEdWeb is an organization of people dedicated to the "future of digital in higher education." Their annual conference is "created by and for" higher education professionals across campus. When you attend this conference, you will "learn from a diverse community of digital pros" in the field of higher education. DubBot has been supporting the HighEdWeb annual conference since 2018 and joined them as the Accessibility Partner in 2021 and 2022. There is still time to register! This year's annual conference is Oct. 9-12, 2022, online and in Little Rock, Arkansas.

DubBot continues its tradition of support by becoming this year’s Platinum Sponsor for HighEdWeb’s Accessibility Summit. This is one of the very few one-day, online events dedicated to bringing together higher ed professionals that are "beginners and experts, non-technical and technical users, and everyone in-between" to learn about digital accessibility and best practices for sustainable solutions. There's still time to register. But hurry! The summit is on July 28!

Whichever event you attend, don't forget to visit us in the sponsors' booth area!

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner