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3 Things - Tuesday, November 1

  1. The "A" in DEIA: Why Corporate Leaders Must Include Accessibility
    Although corporations have strategies in place to support employees with reported disabilities, DEIA efforts must extend beyond checking boxes and complying with laws. It’s important to understand why DEI initiatives without the "A" fall short.

  2. Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids: Disability Experts Weigh Benefits And Concerns
    Disability experts say OTC hearing aids are a game-changer for many Americans - but they also have some concerns about the rollout.

  3. Mandy Harvey - A Voice for Change
    Mandy Harvey, who landed in the nation's living rooms in 2017 with exquisite singing on Americas Got Talent, recently released her fifth album, Paper Cuts

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner