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3 Things - Tuesday, June 28

3 Webinars

  1. Stop Screaming Into the Void - Getting Your Accessibility Ideas Heard by Those Above You - June 28, 2020 (IAAP, free)
    You've got the accessibility consultant role, something that makes a real difference in your company. But your peers, your boss and the leadership just don't seem to listen. How frustrating. Has this ever happened to you? To be an accomplished professional, you need to develop the skills to get the right people in front of you who can help you lead positive changes in your organization, your industry and maybe even your career.

  2. Accessible Social Media - July 14, 2020 (3Play Media, free)
    Accessibility is a common priority when building websites and webpages. But have you considered how individuals with disabilities are engaging with your brand on social media? Are they experiencing accessibility barriers in your content? Are there things you could be doing to make your social media more inclusive? This session will outline the easy practices you can implement to ensure the content you produce and the way you deliver it on social media is accessible for everyone, including disabled users.

  3. Virtual Web Accessibility Training - August 24 & 25 (WebAIM, $$)
    Join WebAIM's accessibility experts for two days of virtual web accessibility training. This training will provide the resources and information you need to empower your organization to meet all your future accessibility needs.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner