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3 Things - Tuesday, August 23

  1. Evaluating the Accessibility User Experience - Chax Chat podcast- 
    Do you ask yourself "What do I want the end-user experience to be?" when designing your forms? What about the heading structure of your document? Chad and Dax take this episode to talk about what you should be asking and how your decisions impact the user's experience.

  2. Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace - LinkedIn- 
    In this course, join Hector Minto, an accessibility evangelist at Microsoft, as he shares how to use accessibility solutions across your tools and processes. Hector covers the importance of accessibility, as well as how modern trends have brought accessibility to the forefront.

  3. UX Foundations: Accessibility - LinkedIn- 
    Derek Featherstone introduces the core concepts of accessibility as they apply to UX design, including an overview of the assistive technology visitors may use to access your projects.
    de, before showing you how to make an existing PDF file accessible using tools in Adobe Acrobat.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner