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3 Things - Tuesday, April 19

  1. #DeafTalent 
    #DeafTalent was started as a way for actors, performers, and directors who are deaf to push back against an industry that continuously hires hearing individuals when a deaf individual would be a much more appropriate choice. Why cast a hearing actor to play a deaf role? Why hire a hearing director to offer a deaf perspective?

  2. #TheBarriersWeFace 
    The hashtag is not just used to bring up the barriers that restrict physically disabled people, but it also points out stigmas, stereotypes, and biases that disabled people face.

  3. #ActuallyAutistic 
    This is a hugely positive step, meaning that knowledge around how best to help Autistic children can include the thoughts of the only people who have experience of being Autistic children — Autistic adults! Therefore, the focus of the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is about moving the focus of Autism expertise away from parents of Autistic children and on to Autistic people themselves.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner