3 Things - Tuesday, April 6

Introducing DubBots "3 Things." An every Tuesday, snack-size post featuring articles, book reviews, product info, quotes, events, freebies...all sifted through and curated into a 3 item list. Short, concise, digestible. Enjoy.

  1. Take the no-mouse challenge
    "...the idea is pretty simple: you go over to a website that you know really well (I suggest trying your own if you have one and you’re game!), and simply set out to accomplish what you would normally do — but without any use of your point-and-click devices."

  2. Building an Accessibility Library
    The story of Indeed's renewed commitment to accessibility, their goal to "create genuinely inclusive experiences from the beginning," and the tool they build to help them reach that goal.

  3. When remediating your PDFs for reading order...just remember...Reading Order Does Matter.

    A billboard with the words "You Matter, Don't Give Up" but when read with improper spacing, "You Don't Matter Give Up"

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
~ friend of DubBot, A11Y practitioner in higher ed