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3 Things - Tuesday, November 23

 3Things - Thanksgiving Edition

  1. How to Be a Good Thanksgiving Host to Guests with Disabilities
    While disabled needs may not be as familiar as non-disabled needs, they’re not “special”—they’re just needs. Meeting them is nothing more than being a gracious host, and doing so shows other guests that all are welcome at a table meant to signify good will.

  2. Tips for Having an Accessible Thanksgiving Virtually
    With COVID-19 and the Delta variant still a concern, "many people aren’t going to be able to spend this Thanksgiving in-person with their loved ones, but rather will be connecting virtually."

  3. How to host an accessible Thanksgiving for individuals on the spectrum
    Thanksgiving, especially one at an unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. If you’re hosting someone on the spectrum it shouldn’t be a challenge but a little planning can help make that person feel welcome.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner