3 Things - Tuesday, June 29

Welcome to the 3Books Edition of 3Things

  1. Accessibility for Everyone
    You make the web more inclusive for everyone, everywhere, when you design with accessibility in mind. Let Laura Kalbag guide you through the accessibility landscape.

  2. Inclusive Design Patterns: Coding Accessibility Into Web Design ~ Heydon Pickering
    This book explains how we can craft accessible interfaces without extra effort — and what front-end design patterns we can use to create inclusive experiences.

  3. Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design ~ Kat Holmes
    Holmes shows how inclusion can be a source of innovation and growth, especially for digital technologies. It can be a catalyst for creativity and a boost for the bottom line as a customer base expands.


Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
~ friend of DubBot, A11Y practitioner in higher ed