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3 Things - Tuesday, December 28

Happy New Year to you and yours from your friends at DubBot!

3 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Invite people with lived experience to the table.
    Systemic barriers in policy, practice or procedure mean that some people are excluded or receive less than equal access. The best way to combat this is to include all people and allow their lived experience to be represented.

  2. Start planning a disability focus group.
    You can’t possibly know how usable your product is to a new user with a disability unless you have done a usability study, which generally involves one or more focus groups or user interviews entirely concerning the issues facing users with disabilities.

  3. Enabling keyboard culture with No Mouse Days
    Wouldn’t it be great if designers and developers tested their digital experiences for keyboard accessibility on the regular? And by extension, screen reader accessibility? That’s where the #NoMouse challenge and No Mouse Days come in.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
Content Marketing Practitioner