3 Things - Tuesday, April 20

  1. IAAP and Fundación ONCE Launches a Spanish Chapter for Accessibility Professionals
    "The Spanish Chapter will provide accessibility professionals, who support equal access in both the built and digital environments by promoting and offering professional certification, education, and networking opportunities. The 2021 goal of the IAAP Spanish Chapter is to work towards the translation of the IAAP certifications into Spanish."

  2. Three Ways Disability Allyship Can Go Off Track
    "We need allies fighting with us, not just advocates fighting for us. Fortunately, we seem to be gaining more genuine allies every year. That’s worth celebrating."

  3. Panasonic Image App - used to sync Panasonic digital cameras with smartphones.
    Here is the app on my smartphone. Notice the contrast issues.

    Panasonic Image app screen with black background, several squares with photos in side and directional words with very low contrast.

Maggie Vaughan, CPACC
~ friend of DubBot, A11Y practitioner in higher ed