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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

DubBot is committed to making a more usable internet for everyone, so we are excited to be participating in Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Everyone at DubBot will be trying out at least one of the suggestions from the GAAD website. In addition to our individual participation, we will be having a lunch and learn to internally discuss different real-life accessibility complications that we have encountered and what could have been done to improve the situation. We will also be discussing what we can do to improve accessibility in the services that we offer.

I will share a blog post very soon, following up on what we learn from these experiences and conversations.

I personally will be working without a mouse for at least an hour. Based on how long it took me to post this blog without using my mouse, I should probably plan on taking a little more time for anything that I will be working on.

I'd love to hear what you will be doing and any takeaways you have from your experience.

Penny Kronz, CPACC
VP of DubBot Client Services
~ accessibility specialist, web developer, mom