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Go Beyond Spell Checking

With the amount of work that we all do in a day, it is no wonder that spell check and auto-correct are technology built into most tools that we use to communicate with each other.

But often, spell checking is not enough. I know that when I am typing, my shortcoming is homophones. I know the difference between "there," "their," and "they're." But when I am typing (or thumbing) so many words a minute and my brain is on three other things, I often use the wrong won. HAH! See what I did there?

DubBot has a customizable spell check dictionary, but one of the most common typing issues in website content is repeating words. With DubBot, you can get a list of pages with repeating words.

DubBot will highlight the words so that it is easy to find the issue on the page.

Screenshot of DubBot interface showing that highlighting of repeating words would display with red boxes around them

DubBot's deep-linking abilities can then help you quickly access your CMS page to make the update.

View in CMS option in DubBot interface

Most of us know, writing for the web is not the same as writing for publication. You can utilize DubBot to find pages outside of your desired reading level score and simplify content.

Also, you can create a list of pages with long paragraphs. With DubBot, you can decide what the threshold should be for a paragraph to be considered long.

Screen shot of a long paragraph being highlighted with a red border in the DubBot interface

If you work in an acronym happy environment, you can flag for pages utilizing acronyms that may not be as meaningful to your web visitors. By flagging the use of acronyms, you can update these to be fully spelled out terms that are likely to be what you want to build SEO around.

Ever accidentally link to the wrong domain or needed to find a list of links containing a URL? You can even use DubBot to flag for links that are not necessarily broken but rather to an undesired location.

These are just some cases where our users have found DubBot going beyond spell checking to be useful in QAing websites. What mistakes do you see on your website that you would like to prioritize fixing?

Penny Kronz, CPACC
VP of DubBot Client Services
~ accessibility specialist, web developer, mom