DubBot New Feature Highlight

Hello from DubBot in sunny, hot, and mostly humid Atlanta, Georgia! While summer is typically a great time for vacation and family get-togethers, we have been off to an excellent summer with a range of new features and improvements rolling out for our DubBot users.

We're excited to announce the release of our newest feature - the ability to manage spelling dictionaries and ignored links on specific pages and sites.

Add to Dictionary dropdown

Users will now see the following options when adding a word to the dictionary or setting a link warning to be ignored: "for this page only," "for this site only," or "for the account."

Administrators will now also have a new "Accessibility Issues" section under Account Settings. This section will allow users to view/remove accessibility issues that were set to be globally ignored.

Another feature improvement worth noting is our improved interface for managing Site settings. We are moving to a more robust settings interface to make room for more features and options. Users will now click on a cog icon to be brought into a screen for editing the Site's crawling options.

We look forward to updating you again with some more improvements and features right around the corner. In the meantime, we hope that summer is treating you well!

Blaine Herman
Chief Bot Wrangler