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DubBot Accessibility Training for Beginners

As January closes and February approaches, we're excited to see that DubBot is ready for the winter weather. Being based out of Atlanta, yes, we are just now having to really be winter-ready!

To keep DubBot users prepared, we are also excited to highlight that our Help Center is quickly expanding. We have articles there to help answer any DubBot questions that you may have. We have made some big strides to give DubBot users some quick pointers around accessibility best practices too! We also have a training series ready for beginners wanting a place to start learning about Accessibility. We took user feedback and made these videos really focused on the basics. If you're a DubBot user, you can quickly access this information via the DubBot menu.

Screen shot of Help Center link in DubBot menu

Please check it out and let us know if there is a topic or training that you would like to see added!

Penny Kronz, CPACC
VP of DubBot Client Services
~ accessibility specialist, web developer, mom