Best Practices added to Webpage Checks

The next time you log into DubBot, you’ll see that we’ve added checks for “Best Practices” on webpages.

Screenshot of best practices panel

These checks are not considered violations of specific WCAG accessibility standards. They are provided as additional checks that allow users to explore whether they could be violating a rule because they are not following a recommended technique.

These flags suggest that further exploration should be made to determine if the web page may violate a rule that does not typically lend itself to automated testing.

It is important to note that Best Practices will not affect your overall site score tallied on your dashboard.

We’ve also added a “Processing” message that will appear when DubBot is processing a page’s results on the backend. The message is shown below.

Screen shot of processing status

Penny Kronz, CPACC
VP of DubBot Client Services
~ accessibility specialist, web developer, mom