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The Story of DubBot

Once upon a time in an office not so far away, a bot was created to simplify your life. It was designed to keep an eye on your website, let you know if something went wrong, pages went down, links got broken, content publishers went rogue, or you accidentally did something that might get you sued (whoops!). The bot would check for spelling errors, inappropriate words or phrases (no matter how grammatically correct), accessibility missteps, SEO oversights, and server failures. And the bot would DANCE! Hence the name, DubBot. Break for dancing…

The dancing bot is a great story, but there’s actually a lot more to it. DubBot’s Geppetto is a veteran software executive with over a decade of experience working with enterprise content management software for the highly bureaucratic industries of Government, Higher Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Nonprofits—as well as public and private corporations.

Sweet moves, Dubby!

After talking with web administrators and marketing communications professionals day in and day out and becoming intimately familiar with the difficulties of managing a large, decentralized web property, Blaine Herman came up with the idea for DubBot. He had heard first-hand about lawsuits over accessibility and the anxiety web administrators felt trying to keep up with ADA regulations. He knew that, despite his former company’s best efforts, content management software could never do everything these organizations needed, and there wasn’t yet an ideal solution on the market.

Blaine and his team set to work dreaming up the perfect SaaS solution to these problems and making it a reality. DubBot is finally here and ready to help. Just give DubBot the url of your site, and it will crawl your webpages and pdfs and identify any problematic issues. The beauty of DubBot lies in the extraordinarily simple user interface and the absolute thoroughness of its search.

  • Misspellings and hotword searches? Check.
  • Accessibility vulnerabilities? Of course.
  • Broken link checks? Naturally.
  • Search Engine Optimization red flags? Yes.
  • Notification of web server failures? You bet!

DubBot is ready to help you find all the possible issues lurking below the surface of your site, and if you’ll let it, DubBot will dance its way into your heart and web QA workflows.

Blaine Herman
Chief Bot Wrangler