Product Update: Improved Spell Check, Groups, and Agency Accounts

Things are humming along at DubBot. We’ve got some new additions to the product to update everyone on. Let us know what you think!

Spell check and suggestions

We’ve improved our spelling engine, so it does a better job of checking words in the HTML. This has improved the number of false positives that DubBot was uncovering. Misspelled words will also now have suggestions provided to help with making the correction. You'll see the update the next time DubBot crawls your site.


Administrators can now place users into groups. Groups grant access to specific sites giving administrators fine-grained control over what their users can see or do.

See → Groups


We’ve added roles to help manage the different types of users that need to have access to reports.

Viewers: You can now set up "Viewer" users. Viewers will be able to see reports, but will only be able to make comments on pages.


Agency accounts

Clients now have access to multiple accounts in DubBot. With multiple accounts, different departments are able to manage their own silos. Administrative users will have the ability to easily toggle back and forth between accounts, without having to log in and out of them.

Blaine Herman
Chief Bot Wrangler