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Custom Checks to support Web Governance

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Happy Friday! DubBot was feeling a little festive this week so Dubby broke out some fun bunny ears.

With the approaching fun that egg hunts can bring, I thought it only appropriate to highlight our recent improvements to Custom Checks within DubBot.

We know that managing the website for a large organization is often done by small web teams. And when I say small web teams, I know this sometimes means a team of one! That’s why we like to make the hunt for issues within your website less tedious via our Custom Checks. It is a fact that no one wants to find the last missing eggs by following their rotten smell. We at DubBot have therefore diligently made improvements to the Custom Checks functionality and interface.

You can now include a summary for your users as to what the check is flagging, the Custom Check flag now supports highlighting the offending issue on the page, and more granularly setup rules for flags. We, of course, fully support all of our users in setting up Custom Checks via our Custom Check library. It also would not be a true Custom Check without the ability to fully customize the check. In our effort to provide the best user experience, we offer full support in helping you customize these checks and are happy to make suggestions as to some good checks you could be using on your website.

Whether you are wanting to ensure content is only embedded via https or you are wanting to make sure that external links are notifying users that they are leaving your website or you are trying to track down a specific inclusion of a link that is no longer applicable to your website or any other egg that you can think that you would want to quickly hunt down, DubBot’s Custom Checks can be your helpful sleuth.

For more information, please reach out to myself or anyone on our DubBot team!

Penny Kronz, CPACC, VP of DubBot Client Services

Penny Kronz is a web developer and accessibility specialist.

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