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Use DubBot to assist with a website redesign

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One of the most difficult processes that people responsible for a website take on is a website redesign. It is a necessary evil often spurred by a combination of some of the following factors:

  • issues with the current design and accessibility
  • changes in technology standards
  • needing to keep a fresh looking appearance
  • overall rebranding by an organization
  • simply because someone higher up has decided they don’t like the website

The good news is that DubBot can help with your redesign rollout.

DubBot can be used to test your website redesign for accessibility compliance.

Just point DubBot to your development server and utilize DubBot to report accessibility issues.

DubBot can be utilized to make sure that no content placeholder text is utilized in your new website.

Users can flag pages based on placeholder text like “lorem ipsum” or by verifying the images aren’t linking to placeholder test files.

DubBot can assist with quality assuring migrated content.

If you are migrating content to a new design from an old design, it is important to be able to generate a list of pages that could need additional attention.

DubBot can search content for older html elements that may be embedded in content.

One of the common custom checks DubBot is used for is to flag pages that contain tables with a hard-coded fixed-width. This could affect the responsive display of your webpage. DubBot can check for specified classes or ids that should no longer be used in your content.

DubBot can also flag pages with content where users have embedded inline styles. Inline styles could look good in the old design but look wonky in a new design.

DubBot can be used to ensure content was actually migrated.

You can supply the area where content should be populated into DubBot to generate a list of pages where content spaces were left empty. This could include flagging pages with missing metadata like title, description, and keywords. But it can also be used to verify that headings, main content areas, and many graphics were populated into the design properly.

These are just some of the ways that our users have utilized DubBot during a redesign rollout. We’d love for you to reach out to us if you are going through a website redesign and are wanting to know if DubBot can assist you.

Penny Kronz, CPACC, VP of DubBot Client Services

Penny Kronz is a web developer and accessibility specialist.

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