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Web Governance Checks

Panel showing Custom Check alert for Alt text that is less than 12 characters. Panel showing users can create custom checks using one rule or a ruleset.

Configure customizable checks to enforce legal, style, branding, and regulatory policy guidelines.

DubBot can be an added part of your web governance strategy. Monitor your content and quickly flag content for review outside of your adopted policies.

Find content that needs to change.

Turnover happens with all organizations. Monitor that contact information is updated across all of your websites. From names to emails to Twitter handles, DubBot can flag pages for updates so that your website visitors are contacting the right people.

Inventory forms to review to ensure a secure experience for your website visitors.

Flag forms to ensure that approved hands are handling potentially sensitive data. Using DubBot, you can inventory forms included on your website as well as potentially sensitive content.

Redesigns can be a hassle. DubBot can offload some of the QA work.

Save yourself some eyestrain with DubBot's Custom Checks. You can easily flag content that utilized unwanted HTML and inline styles. If you are going through a content migration, you can even utilize DubBot to ensure content areas are appropriately filled in.

Explore Other Features

Task Management

Collaborate with your team when an issue is found. Easily get feedback from others by sharing issue information with automatic user-friendly highlighting of the problem in your webpage.

SEO Checks

Quickly check that your content is getting the most bang for its buck. DubBot tests that your webpages follow SEO best practices. Utilizing DubBot, you can easily see SEO quick wins and start working toward improving your content’s potential search ranking.

Web Accessibility Checks

Ensure accessibility for all your web visitors to provide the best user experience possible. DubBot tests your sites for all levels of web accessibility as defined by WCAG 2.1.