• DubBot is the future of web accessibility and quality assurance monitoring for your website. Put your site in the capable hands of DubBot to monitor uptime, check for spelling and grammar errors as well as user-selected “hotwords”, identify accessibility issues and liabilities, and alert you to issues that may be hurting your site’s SEO rankings.

  • Conforming to recommended web accessibility standards makes your site usable by visitors who need assistive technology to browse the web. To put it simply, making your site accessible widens your reach, protects your organization from legal issues, and is the right thing to do.

  • Yes, DubBot can check your site for A, AA, and AAA rated accessibility issues and identifies issues by level of severity to help you prioritize your resources.

  • Yes, DubBot supports user-defined “hotwords” so you can tell DubBot specific words that you don’t want to see on your site. From common misspellings of your brand, to borderline offensive phrases, you can customize DubBot’s spell-checking functionality so it is completely tailored for your organization.

  • DubBot automatically scans your entire site every 7 days to check for new errors and update your account to reflect corrections that have been made. In between, you can manually trigger a scan of individual pages or sections of your site.

  • DubBot couldn’t be easier to start using, and there is no need to bring in an IT expert. Simply type in your web address, and DubBot will go right to work. You’ll start seeing results for scanned pages within a few minutes; depending on the scale of your site, the full scan should be complete within 24 hours.

  • DubBot can be used for a single site or several different sites. Pricing is based on the number of pages and users, so it doesn’t matter if those pages are under one or many different domain names.

  • Yes, DubBot supports multi-user accounts. Ask us about our different packages.

  • Pricing is based on the number of pages and users needed, regardless of the number of domain names. Ask us about our different packages to find out which one is right for your organization.

  • Yes, a library of Custom Checks is available. If you aren't certain what some good custom checks might be, we'll help you come up with some. If you're savvy enough, you can write your own checks (using things like regex and XPath). Ask for a demo to learn more.

  • Yes, we can crawl your site at no charge. Ideally, we'd crawl a smaller portion of your site, while you are "kicking the tires" for the software. We would provide some quick training, and then give you full access to test it out. Seeing how the software would work for your own site is a great way of seeing if its the right fit for you.

  • Of course!

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